Web Page Layout



Design a layout for a website homepage.


  1. I stuck with the same theme and logo of my previous projects.
  2. I research web page inspiration and I created a layout that I felt was a little different from the common trend. I didn’t want my website to come across as blog like.
  3. I used a clipping mask to create my photos and with the same shape as my logo.
  4. I created sections with boxes and arrange my objects(photos) to create flow throughout the website.

Critique Process:

I learned through the Facebook critique that I need to make changes to my layout. My background was too crowded and made it hard to read the information. It was too complex. I simplified my design and kept a traditional background. I also need to help my alignment and flow of the website. I focus more my shapes I created more unity and better alignment.


To entice people to come eat at this restaurant.


Men and Women from the ages 25-45.

Top Thing I Learned:

It is so important to create a wireframe and sketches before you begin the final project. I made the mistake of not doing that and I feel like my design did not come together like I wanted.

Color Scheme:

Monochromatic // Black

Title Font:

Centaur // Oldstyle

Body Font:

Tahoma // Sans-serif

Thumbnails of Original Photos:

Sources of Photos:

I created the logo the photos:






7 thoughts on “Web Page Layout

    • Sorry I didn’t ask for permission. I credited the photo in my photo sources. I truly apologize. The blog page is for a class and the website layout is just a mockup and will not be used professionally.


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